The latest services in physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs are available to support your joint health, rehabilitation and sports injuries to keep you moving.

“The introduction of a physiotherapist to InMotion is the next phase in our holistic approach to orthopaedics. It is my belief that this more holistic approach to orthopaedics will optimise outcomes for patients.”

Dr Damian Smith

Recovery from surgery and sports injuries

Physiotherapy reduces joint pain and stiffness, improves movement and speeds up the healing process after joint surgery. We have combined orthopaedic surgery and physiotherapy to offer our patients a more integrated recovery plan that will be optimised to suit individual patient needs with direct communication between surgeon and physiotherapist.


There is extensive evidence that physiotherapy and targeted exercise programs can help to manage the symptoms of arthritis and improve mobility and wellbeing. It has also been shown to have benefits in preconditioning for surgery with better early outcomes during recovery.

Sports injury treatment

If a sports injury is assessed early, it can significantly reduce the time it will take for the injury to recover.

We work with you to make an accurate diagnosis of the specific injury and set the course to recovery with the ability to explore options with a surgeon if necessary and without needing to explain your situation to them.

Prevention programs

It is possible to work with a physiotherapist to prevent sports injuries through adaptation and training intervention to ensure optimal function. Programs can be developed to suit the specific needs of a patient.

Physiotherapist led pilates classes

Otherwise known as clinical pilates, classes are hosted by a physiotherapist who is able to work with you on your specific needs and ensure functional, targeted movement control will assist in keeping your joints healthy.

Classes details:

When – every Wednesday evening
Where – Belconnen Community Centre
Time – 5.30pm
Bring – a mat, towel and water
Cost – $18
To book – call (02) 6190 1040 or email
All levels of fitness are welcome

Aquatic physiotherapy

Our 45 minute aquatic physiotherapy sessions include a 15 minute individualised consultation with your physiotherapist followed by your individual 30 minute aquatic program. Water exercise can complement land based exercise programs and physiotherapy treatments. It can also be a great alternative to land-based exercise if pain is too limiting.

Classes details:

When – Wednesday (we hope to add another session next year)
Where – Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre (CISAC)
Time – 3pm – 4.15pm (appointment only)
Bring – swimwear, towel and water
Cost – $80
To book – call (02) 6190 1040 or email
All levels of fitness are welcome

Group exercise classes

Our physiotherapy group classes are designed to reduce symptoms of joint pain, stiffness and disability to improve physical function and quality of life. Our classes include a combination of balance, motor-control, flexibility, strength and aerobic activity. Larger group classes can accommodate up to 20 people and smaller group classes can accommodate up to 4 people.

Classes details:

When – Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Where – large group classes are held at the Belconnon Community Centre, and small group classes are held at in.motion’s physiotherapy gym at 40 Cameron Avenue, Belconnen
Time – 10am for small classes (larger classes TBA as scheduled)
Bring – mat, towel and water
Cost – large group classes: $25 casual, $210 for 10 sessions; small group classes: $$70 casual, $650 for 10 sessions
To book – call (02) 6190 1040 or email
All levels of fitness are welcome