A New Practice Designed To Put Patients First

Sep 30, 2019

From the calming green hues of the clinic’s décor through to the integrated treatment approach, everything about InMotion Orthopaedics has been designed to enhance the patient experience and optimise their mobility outcomes.

“The medical world has really moved on from being impersonal and one dimensional,” says Dr Damian Smith, Orthopaedic Surgeon and owner of InMotion Orthopaedics. “The aim of our practice is to combine meaningful, face-to-face visits that explore all treatment options – including non-surgical, with the latest advances in orthopaedic technologies. Ultimately it’s about empowering our patients to achieve the best mobility results now and for the long-term.”

As the first surgeon in Canberra to use the world-leading Mako Robotic-arm assisted system for joint replacement surgery, Dr Smith has always been at the forefront of improving patient care, whether it’s through the introduction of new surgical procedures and technologies or a combination of integrated strategies that offer the best chance of long-term success. The new InMotion clinic reflects this contemporary, patient-focused approach.

“Our design agency purposely broke away from the traditional sterile blue colours and impersonal names of medical practices,” said Damian. “I want our patients to feel welcome and empowered when they walk into our clinics, and I think our new brand really achieves that.”