The Patient Experience: A Practice Manager’s Perspective

Nov 19, 2019

Let’s be honest, in most cases, when you need to see a specialist and, in our case, an Orthopaedic Surgeon, it can be a pretty scary proposition! One of the most talked-about issues these days is a serious decline in customer service and patient care in the health industry.

When Dr Damian Smith first entertained the idea of going solo, one of his biggest goals was to ensure patients understood how important their health outcomes are not only to them but to those who assume the medical care for them… Us!

When we opened the door in March 2019, our first priority was to optimise the patient experience from the moment they make that first phone call for an appointment until they leave their last appointment after receiving treatment.

It’s important for us that our patients feel that they are our priority through the entire process. If we achieve this, then we have achieved one of the most integral components of any treatment experience. Getting it right is important to us as it really does contribute to better patient outcomes.

Our rooms were designed with patient care in mind. The colours and layout chosen for our new rooms, whilst modern and new, have a two-fold purpose! Dr Damian Smith tasked our very talented interior designer with creating an environment that is comfortable and calming with a hope that this might contribute in alleviating some of the anxiety associated with coming to see someone with a health concern.  

The InMotion team is small and we believe this gives us a big advantage in offering a customer-centric experience. We take the time to understand our patients’ evolving needs, desires and problems and provide all-hands support.

For us, removing the “fear of the unknown” is important. We encourage our patients to ask questions. We fully acknowledge that this is your personal experience and the more you know about the treatment proposed for your condition, the more comfortable you will feel.

We are incredibly proud of our ability to support our patients through any treatment process. From arranging any allied health assistance to assisting with surgical procedure bookings and any aftercare appointments.